Import / Export Solutions

Rare Candy Canada Can Solve Any Logistical Problem or Product Requirement From Anywhere in the World.

We excel at Importing / Exporting and Distribution & Product Sourcing

Our Legendary Expertise For Example, Rare Candy Canada Imported 6 , 53' Containers From Japan in 2022. As the Original Wholesaler That Imported we Distributed to other Retail Stores & Wholesalers. Our Products From Japan Reached Every Province & Territory. These products ended up at over hundreds of retail stores in under a few months with more than enough time with Fresh Dating and Quality Products Chosen with our Data Systems. Our Solutions with our Custom Innovative Software solves the Gap between customers demand, and availability. 

We Currently supply and distribute to locations with 1+ Locations and Franchisees with over 100+ Locations . We have the capability to distribute faster & cheaper to each store Faster than what is typical in a retail supply chain. 

We have the capability to get you Thousands of Unit in Order to Scale. We are experts at scaling with over 13 Years of E-Commerce Experience 

Every Major Physical Wholesaler in Ontario, Canada Purchases From Rare Candy Canada. If you have purchased American Products , Japanese, or Chinese from Wholesalers Physically, We are Importing on behalf of many large clients because we are reliable and have fair prices , we have the highest repeat Wholesale customer rate in the Industry 

Rare Candy Canada Has Several Brand New 18 Wheelers Bringing Pallets & Containers From USA to Canada .

We do not charge a Storage Fee in our massive warehouse for exports. We are the only wholesaler in Canada that does not charge a Storage Fee. 

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