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Juicy Drop™ Christmas Gummies Party Tray with Sour Dipping Gel

Juicy Drop™ Christmas Gummies Party Tray with Sour Dipping Gel

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Juicy Drop Gummies Dipping Tray is a fun, interactive, and great tasting gummy assortment that lets kids of all ages control the flavor intensity by dipping the gummies into a super sour liquid. Great for parties or an at home treat.
  • Juicy Drop is a fun, interactive, and great tasting brand that lets kids control the flavor intensity via super sour liquid.
  • Great for school parties, family get togethers, or as a fun treat
  • The tray is party ready with three different gummy sections and one cup of sour gel
  • (1) compartment of Blue Rebel sour gel
  •  flavored Snowman shaped sanded 5-gram gummies, (1) compartment of Strawberry Kiwi flavored 
  • Christmas Tree shaped sanded 5-gram gummies, and (1) compartment of Knock Out Punch flavored Star 
  • shaped sanded 5- gram gummies. There is one (1) plastic cup with film and lid of Knock Out Punch gel

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